About this Course

"Building Resilience through Understanding and Trust" creates connection between mindfulness, mental, social, emotional and physical processes to help young people through stress and trauma.

  • Guides educators, caregivers, school administrators, social workers, parents & students to a deeper understanding of the physiological impact of stress, old and new.

  • Provides practical advice, direct relevance and proven methods to help participants identify challenges, manage stress and become resilient.

  • Developed by the Collaborative 4 Resilience, compassionate and caring experts helping children & young adults overcome trauma and stress.

Your Instructors

Four experts with hearts for children who have experienced trauma show you how to help build resilience through understanding and trust


Dr. Lark Eshleman

Lark Eshleman came to her career in child healing through her own childhood family experiences, by parenting her own children, through her work as a children’s librarian, elementary school principal, school psychologist, and then dramatically through her overseas volunteer work with children traumatized in the war in the Balkans after their wars of independence from 1991 – 1995. Lark is an author, therapist and educator whose expertise is working with children and teens who have experienced early emotional trauma, attachment difficulties, neglect and abuse. She is Board Certified in Domestic Violence by the American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress, and is the creator of STAT™, Synergistic Trauma and Attachment Therapy.


Rosie Mann

Rosie Mann is a registered nurse and owner of Forged in Fire, an organization that supports children with challenging behaviors, their families, and the professionals working with them. She is also the mother of 5 children; 2 biological daughters and 3 adopted sons. All three boys have special needs. Her youngest son is diagnosed with PTSD- preverbal inter-relational, RAD, and aggressive disorder. She homeschooled her son from preschool through the 6th grade. She holds certification as a clinical trauma professional and as a trainer of the Neurosequential Model of Education with the Child Trauma Academy. She has presented locally and nationally to parents, educators, and other child serving professionals about early childhood trauma and neurodevelopmental interventions.


Wynne Kinder

Wynne’s teaching career spans 30 years in public and private schools, including 15 years of bringing mindfulness and trauma-informed strategies into regular, special and alternative education settings (K-12) through her program Wellness Works in Schools. She creates trainings and teaching tools to address: mindful awareness, attention, self-care, re-regulation, diverse learning needs, trauma in the classroom, healthy connections, social emotional skills, and behavior guidance. Wynne is the author of: CALM – Mindfulness for Kids, The Re-Set Process & Related Trauma-informed Behavioral Strategies for Educators (January 2020), Peace Work, Mindful Moods, Mindful Choices, and GoNoodle’s mindful channels: FLOW, Think About It, Maximo, and BLAZER Fresh SEL.


Martha Harris

Martha Harris learned how our brains develop and grow by raising a special needs daughter. Her daughter was born a few years before scientists discovered how neuroplasticity can be encouraged to heal injuries related to brain development. Martha's passion for education grew out of her desire to see her daughter succeed and overcome her learning differences. Along the way she learned how essential multisensory instruction and physical movement is to helping our brains learn and adapt to change. Following a distinguished public sector career, Martha founded Fizika Group in 2010 to bring together the emerging fields of brain science and the practice of education. A leader in the national Active Schools movement, Martha has helped hundreds of educators become kinesthetic learning specialists who engage students in deeper learning through meaningful movement and creative play. She earned a Master's in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School and a BA from Dickinson College. A lifelong learner, Martha is currently enrolled in a Master's of Divinity program at Lancaster Theological Seminary.

What You'll Learn

  • 1

    Welcome & Overview

    • Welcome & Overview - Dr. Lark Eshleman (3:31)

    • Supplemental Resource -- The Search Institute's "The Developmental Assets® Framework"

  • 2

    Chapter 1 - Mindfulness

    • Building Resilience through Mindfulness - Wynne Kinder, M.Ed. & Dr. Lark Eshleman (23:52)

    • Knowledge Check - Chapter 1

    • Mindfulness Supplemental Resources

  • 3

    Chapter 2 - Mental Processes

    • Building Resilience through Mental Processes - Rosie Mann, RN, CCTP & Dr. Lark Eshleman (39:23)

    • Knowledge Check - Chapter 2

    • 5 Incredibly Fun GAMES to Teach Self-Regulation (Self-Control) | Early Childhood Development (by Kreative Leadership)

    • Interoception: The "Hidden Sense" (by STAR Institute)

    • Making a 'Body Check Chart' (by Merion Matters)

  • 4

    Chapter 3 - Physical Processes

    • Building Resilience through Physical Processes - Martha Harris, MPA; Rosie Mann, RN, CCTP & Dr. Lark Eshleman (39:13)

    • Knowledge Check - Chapter 3

    • Physical Processes Supplemental Resource List

    • Brainstem Calmers (by Beacon House)

    • Why Trauma-Informed Sport is Vital (by We Coach)

  • 5

    Chapter 4 - Social and Emotional Processes

    • Building Resilience through Social and Emotional Processes - Rosie Mann, RN, CCTP & Dr. Lark Eshleman (25:57)

    • Knowledge Check - Chapter 4

    • Social & Emotional Processes Supplemental Resources

  • 6

    Summary & Closing Remarks

    • Summary & Closing Remarks - Dr. Lark Eshleman (1:25)

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