Course curriculum

  • 1

    What do struggling students need?

    • Introduction

    • Introduction Knowledge Check

  • 2

    The Power of Movement

    • Increase attention with movement

    • Increase attention with movement Knowledge Check

    • Create connection with movement

    • Create connection with movement Knowledge Check

    • Movement for healing Resource List

    • Why Trauma-Informed Sport is Vital (by We Coach)

  • 3

    More of what struggling students' need

    • When universal interventions aren't enough

    • When universal interventions aren't enough Knowledge Check

    • Support more calming

    • Support more calming Knowledge Check

    • Support more connection

    • Support connection even more

    • Support more connection Knowledge Check

    • Support in-the-moment coaching

    • Support in-the-moment coaching Knowledge Check

    • Support more coaching

    • Support more coaching Knowledge Check